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Arnab Goswami’s art of Sangh baiting

October 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Arnab Goswami’s panel to discuss the Prashant Bhushan assault deliberately included two “village simpletons” — Bhim Singh of Panthers Party and Rakesh Sinha of the RSS, the kind that can be predictably relied upon to provide the incendiary material that the sophisticates cannot stomach. The rest are glib tongued “intellectuals”. Arnab knows the Bhim types will fall for the bait he has in store for them. Predictably falling for this bait, Bhim and Rakesh while criticizing the violence, also say that Prashant Bhushan has no right to ask for plebiscite in J&K. Arnab and fellow buddhijeevis tch, tch this “uncouth”, “violent” Sanghi behavior and suggest that by the secular law of associativity and by a neat jump in logic, Bhim is actually ok with this violence. Ergo, this is typical violent behavior from the Sangh and the root behind all this is BJP-RSS. Mission accomplished. No such super logic is used when Islamic terrorists blow up people on a regular basis to arrive at similar general inferences.

Bhim Singh and Rakesh Sinha could have turned this around to Arnab actually. Using the same jump in logic it could be argued that those who fail to criticize Prashant Bhushan for saying that Kashmir can be independent are actually ok with losing J&K. And by the same law of associativity these are anti-nationals who can be jailed for sedition.


Karan Thapar advocates “sudden removal” of Modi

December 31, 2007 7 comments

Now that the BJP has won two elections in thumping fashion in less than a week, the spittle flowing down the faces of the media-mafia has turned to a steady dribble. That the BJP still remains an illegitimate party with an inexplicable existence in the minds of the media cartel, shows handsomely throughout Thapar’s fulminations in this venomous hate filled article titled “Modification of Politics”. After going through a rather short list — consisting of exactly one person, of potential UPA leaders to rival Modi, Thapar quickly zeros in on his final choice of that person — madam Antonia Maino nee Sonia Gandhi.

All that Sonia needs in Thapar’s room temperature IQ’ed thinking, is to exhibit strong personal leadership and integrity, exhibit robust nationalism, stress on development and finally “articulate ideas that catch like fire”. As simple as that. That is the clever and simple Thapar formula to counter the evil BJP. Hard to believe that this squeaky voiced weasel actually succeeds in bullying various politicians on his show “Devils Advocate” which Modi walked out of a couple of months ago after being repeatedly called a mass murderer by Thapar. Such accusations of an elected official who has not been indicted would not be possible in any other society on earth other than in India, where Hindu bashing is an essential requirement to pass off as a “liberal”.

Given that the BJP might come back to power, Thapar plays Congress coach in this article and urges his pseudo-liberal minions to join Sonia in the coming Armageddon with the BJP. An iota of this resoluteness cannot be seen from the English language media-mafia when dealing with Islamic or Naxal terror which kills and maims on a regularly basis, or Christian terror in the North East.

Thapar delivers the coup de grace with a call for the “sudden removal” of Modi. Thapar and his pseudo-liberal ilk would happily prostrate at the feet of the Let, JEM or SIMI’s skull capped beardies who might deliver this earnest desire of his.

Law suit anybody? The media cartel can be brought to heel only via lawsuits. Doesn’t Thapar present a wonderful opportunity to do this? Surely this is the ultimate limit to which journalistic freedom can be taken to? The media cartel with its repeated abuse of journalistic freedom does to Hindu sensibilities precisely what MF Husain does with his art. It is precisely the coincidence in the media’s abusive view of the Hindus with that of Husain’s that makes them predictably take up the case of Husain sympathetically. A lawsuit has done wonders in making Husain ping pong back and forth between London and Dubai. Making Thapar hop around the courts a little in pain would do wonders in serving notice to his fellow travelers in the media mafia.