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Know your P. Chidambaram

October 15, 2011 Leave a comment

PC or P.Chidambaram honble home minister is a multi-faceted man. A quick glance through his impressive dossier:

1. In the 1980s, attempted to impose shackles on the press, through getting legislation passed that was drafted by him, then a junior minister – says M.D Nalapat (fomer advisor to PM Narasimha Rao) – Controlling an already tamed media.

2. Pioneered the art of converting black money to white – says Jethmalani – Chidambaram, Friend, Father and  Philosopher of black money

2. Criticized in parliament and Forced out Raju Narisetty editor of The Mint for publishing an IAS officer’s piece which was critical of the MMS govt on its inept handling of terror.

3. Got elected to parliament by an election which was very likely rigged — PC Poll Plea thrown out

4. Played a central role in the 2G scam.

5. Appointing and dismissing SEBI chairmen on personal whim and fancy – Regulation – Appointments and Disappointments

6. Allowed fraudulent Vodafone-Hutchinson deal of 14000 crores to go through.

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