Nuclear deal is the biggest scam of soft spoken Manmohan

I have said this many times before, the “nuclear deal” will prove to be the crowning glory of the bloody scam trail left behind by the “honest and softspoken” PM Manmohan Singh, I mean “Dr Manmohan SIngh”. One more scam waiting to be uncovered is the EVM rigging scam the kind of which won P.Chidamabaram his election. P.C now nonchalantly struts around like the mother hen of the ministry as if nothing happend at all.

Read the  below piece on the “nuclear non-deal” by  Bharat Karnad and be very afraid of what lies for the free world.

Bharat Karnad

Manmohan Singh will be remembered, if at all, for the nuclear mess he quite deliberately led India into. Whatever his other failings, Singh understands the Congress’ political terrain well. Conscious that Rahul Gandhi was still wet behind his ears and lacking in political heft to be hoisted as prime minister by his mother, and that Congress president Sonia Gandhi did not trust Pranab Mukherjee not to do a Narasimha Rao if handed the top post, Singh played his trump card in Spring 2007. He dared Sonia Gandhi to order an ambivalent ruling party to support the nuclear deal on the anvil, or to accept his resignation.The reasons why the United States desperately wanted the nuclear deal were as clear from the start, as the traps and pitfalls in it that the Indian government chose to disregard, despite being warned about them by a few of us, including some of the most respected veterans of the nuclear establishment, writing against it. It was in the interest of the US to both prevent India’s emergence as a comprehensive nuclear military power, because that would unsettle the status quo it presided over, and to draw it into the 1968 Non-Proliferation Treaty net. These aims were realised by Washington cleverly using India’s dated non-proliferation rhetoric and its professions of being a ‘responsible’ nuclear power against it, and flattering a gullible Manmohan Singh into converting the ‘voluntary moratorium’ on nuclear testing, thoughtlessly announced by the Bharatiya Janata Party prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, into a binding commitment to desist from testing again and to abide by the NPT norms. The other equally significant goal was to switch India from relying on the weaponisation-friendly plutonium (per the 3-stage plan drafted by Homi Bhabha in 1955 to achieve genuine energy and military security) to depending on the proliferation-resistant uranium fuelling imported reactors.Manmohan Singh has thus jeopardised the country’s strategic nuclear security — because the 1998 thermonuclear test was a dud, absence of further testing will translate into unproven, unreliable, and unsafe fusion weapons and a strategic deterrent lacking in thermonuclear credibility, and ignored the home-grown solution for energy independence, envisaged by Bhabha, based on interlocked first stage pressurised heavy water reactors, second stage breeder reactors (now in the take-off phase), and third stage thorium reactors (the prototype ‘Kamini’ 40MW experimental operating in Kalpakkam, which requires more concept, design, and engineering work and upscaling). Instead, Manmohan Singh’s purchasing 40 foreign reactors worth $150 billion (at today’s dollar value) producing 40,000 MW of electricity by 2050, will at once sustain the nuclear industries in America, France and Russia, and provide Washington the handle to keep India in line. Resumption of testing, say, will prompt immediate cut-off of uranium fuel, resulting in rapid shutdown of foreign reactors and precipitous fall of power in the grid. All this apparently makes sense to our blinkered economist-prime minister.What the United States offered India in return for Singh conceding so much, was only a promise (expressly stated in the July 18, 2005, joint statement he signed by President George W Bush) to treat India as a nuclear weapon state with all the rights and privileges. While the US has delivered little, India has gone whole-hog in implementing such self-injurious pre-conditions as separating the weapons units from civilian-use facilities, thereby destroying the integrity of the once dual-purpose nuclear energy programme, and putting the bulk of the indigenous pressurised reactors under international safeguards in perpetuity. This last, besides killing the capacity for surge weapon-grade plutonium production, has cemented India’s status as a non-nuclear weapon state. Under the NPT, weapon states are permitted to pull reactors out of the safeguards regime at will. To cover up for his government’s myopia, miscalculations, and misdoings, the PM has purveyed half-truths and outright lies regarding various aspects of the deal in Parliament and outside.For Washington nuclear trade equals selling reactors, because it is specifically barred from transferring advanced technologies relating to uranium enrichment, plutonium reprocessing, and heavy water production that India has evinced interest in, by the enabling US law passed in December 2006, which ban was reconfirmed by the US Congressional ratification of the so-called 123 Agreement concerned with restricting transactions in nuclear materials, goods and technologies under the overarching US Atomic Energy Act. In the event, it is a bit ingenuous of the Indian government to act hurt/surprised every time the Nuclear Suppliers Group imposes new restrictions and tightens regulatory mechanisms to pre-empt India, as a non-NPT state, from accessing such technologies. Delhi believes the US government can be induced to violate its own laws — an impression created by Washington now and again hinting at attempts to try and ease the NSG rules for India. This happened early last week with news reports about the US circulating a paper in the NSG championing India’s membership in it. It is no coincidence that just then the visiting US assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asia, Robert Blake, was urging the Indian government to sign the Convention on Supplementary Compensation limiting the liability payouts by nuclear technology suppliers to $300 million so that US companies can cash in on reactor sales. It suggests Washington manipulates its NSG initiatives as a sales stratagem. Learning from the Bhopal gas tragedy, Parliament recently voted the Civilian Nuclear Liability Act that exposed foreign firms supplying nuclear technologies which prove to be faulty, resulting in loss of life and destruction of property, to liability without ceiling.An Indian law is thus pitted against an international convention motivated by the commercial interests of supplier states. While the US holds its 2006 law as sacrosanct, the Indian government, astonishingly, thinks of the Indian liability law as a mere scrap of paper, and is preparing to get around it by signing executive agreements with suppliers to limit their liability to the CSC mandated sum, or resorting to some other diplomatic ruse. Not content with the harm the nuclear deal has already done the nation, Manmohan Singh seems determined to run what remains of sovereign nuclear India into the ground.

Bharat Karnad is a research professor at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi. E-mail:


CBI names Vir Sanghvi and Barkha Dutt in 2G scam investigation

This column has repeatedly stressed that the Indian English Language Media is at its vociferous and foul mouthed best only when selectively taking on the likes of the BJP or the Sangh Parivar or Hindus in general. That the same treatment is not reserved for the Pseudosecular Congress or its myriad incarnations makes one suspect the agenda of the media. In a recent investigation (if it indeed is verified to be authentic), the CBI names Vir Sanghvi and Barkha Dutt as being involved with Niira Radia.

Barkha Vir tata

Where are the Pink Chaddis?

More than a week since the rioting in Shimoga and Hubli by Islamic terrorists opposing Taslima Nasreen and not a pip squeak from the pink chaddis who ostensibly stand for women’s rights, nor from the likes of Shabana Azmi and Renuka Choudhary.  Of course they loudly and aggressively go after the Ram Sene types because they know that the cost involved is nearly nil and they will be supported by Congress goons themselves. There is also a more serious issue with the Taslima Nasreen case  and that’s of the freedom of press but I don’t see any heated debates about danger to the country’s values, the kind that was there when the Shree Ram Sene roughed up some women in a Mangalore pub.  A case of what is good for the goose not good for the gander ehh?

Any nationalists in Bollywood?

February 24, 2010 2 comments

Question that comes to mind is why this Paki loving actorSRK,  acclaimed as “King Khan” by clueless Indians who historically have been and continue to be butchered by multiple maniacs with the same last name, does not get a strong rebuttal from his counterparts in the actor community? Why do the likes of Bachchan or his ilk or for that matter even the common man not pull up this guy (and teach him a stern lesson) for being blatantly anti-national, playing the Paki card, raking up and reviving a dying issue just in time for the release of his crappy movie? No wonder, it is left to the likes of the Shiva Sena to do what they do and more power to them.

Karan Thapar’s breakthrough: Law of Assumption

May 1, 2009 2 comments

While Newton may have given the world the fundamental laws of motion, Karan “Sudden removal of Modi” Thapar is finally on his way to codifying the laws of the anti-national pseudo-liberal English media. In an interview with Arun Shourie, self appointed Congress party/Gandhi family  spokeperson Thapar gave the world the “Law of Assumption”.  Based purely on this law, Karan Thapar makes the startling claim that the bulk of Indians money in Swiss banks is actually legal. The fundamental basis of the “law of assumption” is that the BJP is always wrong and the pseudosecular intelligentsia is free to cook up arguments based on whimsical notions which are mostly in lockstep with the Congress party/Gandhi family’s ideals. While all available indicators point towards Indians being among the largest hoarders of illegal money, Karan Thapar seems quite amazed that this may be actually true.

Manmohan Singh – what he actually said and what he really meant

April 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Said: “We have not been successful in warding off terror”

Meant: “It is impossible to do this without upsetting our electoral calculations and hurting our muslim votebanks”

Said: “Terrorists could attempt to destabilise the electoral process”

Meant:”Its all finally left to chance, we can do only so much and will only do so little.”

Said:”Though we have made every effort to deal with it, we have to do more to strengthen intellligence, state police system and also our ability to minimise the fallout of terror sttacks”.

Meant:”Lets learn to be tolerant of terror, lets take cosmetic measures which make it seem like we are doing something about it, we do not want to piss off our votebanks by taking strong measures which address the real root causes”.

Said:”The US could take draconan measures to ensure no terror attacks after 9/11 which we cannot. We are a country of 1 billion people”

Meant:”We do not want to be seen as being rude to terrrorists, do we? We also have a 200 million muslim segment to constantly appease”

Said:”Taliban is a threat, dialogue with Pakistan is important”

Meant:”I agree with the Pakistani leaders, Pakistan itself is a victim of terror, as I had said before in Cuba. It is India’s duty to make sure that Pakistan becomes strong enough so that they can refocus their energy on cleaning out the remaining few Pandits in Kashmir.”

Said:”Dreaded terrorists were released and taken to Kandahar by NDA leaders, we did not negotiate with the Mumbai terrorists, we sent our trained commandos instead”.

Meant:”Lets forget that to begin with, our home minister changed his clothes thrice before our commandos could get into action. Lets also forget that despite a dozen attacks prior to that, we were ill prepared to handle any terror related emergencies”

Said:”Due to our diplomatic initiative, Pakistan for the first time admitted that its territory was being used to provoke terror against India”

Meant:”Lets forget that under severe NDA pressure, Musharraf went on national Pakistan National Television and swore to not allowing Pakistani territory being used as a launchpad for terror against India”.

Said:”I have great regard for the Left leaders”

Meant:”After all I shared their communist command-control ideology for the most of my career, including as chairman of the Planning Commission and RBI governor. Both the Congress and the Communists are in perfect synergy in their belief  that Muslims are a votebank that needs careful nurturing. Nevermind that occasionally we let them be butchered like in Nandigram. Both  us in the Congress and the left also strongly oppose nasty things which respectable societies possess like say a Uniform Civil Code. Also the Congress and the left firmly believe that Muslims have the first right over national resources. We both agree that the biggest enemy of the country are the communal Hindus. With all this synergy we are but natural bed fellows, we may sleep with others when needed but those are ignorable details”

Said:”The Indo-US nuclear deal was my biggest achievement. We negotiated with the US  for three years and if it did not get signed after that it would have been bad for India’s reputation. I staked my reputation for India’s honor”

Meant: “Throwing gunny bags of cash at legislators and buying their support needed a lot of skill.  It was a watershed moment which actually marked my coming out as a seasoned politician. It helped me break away from the image of simply being Sonia’s water bearer.  Also as I have said before when I was at Cambridge University, India is currently what it is only because we were civilized by the whites, and consequently its also India’s rightful place to be a pliant satellite of the west, so what if our hard built nuclear sovereignty has been signed away. You see my ability and very reputation to faithfully serve the west was at stake, and so once negotiations started it was only imperative that it be hurriedly signed in whatever form it was before my term ended, never mind that the deal was loaded against the Indians. Also minor things like say that the terms of the deal had significantly deviated from what GW Bush had promised at the outset of the deal matter very little.”

Said:”I am not contesting polls because of my heart surgery”

Meant:”Why bother about minor details like seeking the peoples mandate when there is an assured way of weaselling my way in as a Rajya Sabha member? This is an assured time tested way as the party’s nominee as chief-clerk and will ensure that our plans not be hindered by unplanned events like an election loss”.

Rape and abuse of nuns by Indian Church: Pink Chaddis missing

April 9, 2009 6 comments

Rape and abuse of nuns in Indian churches is rampant although again simply ignored by the media which is obsessed with policing seeming excesses by the Hindu right. While the gory story of  paedophilia in the western and american church is well documented and received worldwide attention, the pusillanimous Indian state/media/intelligentsia which showers the so called minorities in India with largesse at the cost of the Hindus, refuses to make public the horror stories of the Church in India.

Read the below piece by George Augustine:

This Church is a Cruel Joke
George Augustine
08 Apr 2009

The rotting ills of the Catholic Church have been evident in India for a long time, attracting nation-wide attention in the mid-1960s with Kerala’s infamous Madatharuvi murder case, when a Catholic priest, accused of murdering a woman, escaped the noose with the aid of an expensive, flamboyant lawyer imported from Delhi.

In those days, much like today, nobody cared, nor had the time, to listen to the woes of the women slaves (called nuns) of the most autocratic, misogynistic and scandalous organisation in the world. The devious polity of modern India put a blanket on the rightful debate on alien and criminal religious practices, and their ethical and moral effect on the indigenous people and society.

Numerous unreported suicides

There are no available figures on the number of suicides of nuns till now, but the writer personally knows of a number of suicides of nuns in Kerala that never got reported in the press. Only those cases in which the victims had some relative to question the unnatural death ever got into the newspapers. Otherwise there were just obituaries.

Sr. Abhaya’s case would have been written off as suicide, as many murders of nuns have been dismissed, but for her cousin, Jomon Puthenpurakal, who himself came close to becoming a victim. On 11 August 2008, Sr. Anupa Mary committed suicide in St. Mary’s Convent, Kollam, leaving a suicide note that accused a senior nun in the convent of sexual harassment.

A few days later, two girl inmates of an orphanage run by the Holy Cross Order in which Sr. Anupa was ordained, tried to commit suicide and later accused an apprentice priest Benedict of harassment. On 11 February 2009, Sr. Josephine who lived in the Daughters of Mary Convent in Thiruvananthapuram, committed suicide. Harassment was alleged initially, but that too went up in smoke. None of these cases deserved investigation because the accused is the Catholic Church, one of the few untouchable organisations in modern Indian polity.

The sexual abuse of nuns by Catholic priests is no rare news and not restricted to Kerala. It is as common and virulent worldwide as Catholic paedophilia. In a report, quoted in the Catholic National Reporter in the USA in the 1990s, Sister Maura O’Donohue, a medical doctor, said the sexual abuse of nuns by priests had been documented in 23 countries. The detailed report would inspire only fantasy porno writers, for such is the ingenuity exercised by the sworn, supposedly ascetic, clergymen to satiate their perverted sexual urges with their helpless women slaves and wives of men congregating in the churches.

Would you blame the hormone-driven human beneath the cassock, or the irrational, sexually aberrant Catholic Church, which is polluting the entire world with its perversions? No wonder, the head of the Church, Ratzinger alias Benedict, the present Pope, is blaming condoms for HIV/AIDS!

Suicide is not the solution

However, the tide seems to turning back; the slaves are garnering strength and slowly beginning to escape the holes and caves where they are psychologically and physically imprisoned. They are beginning to understand that suicides are not the right solution. Ex-sister Jesme’s autobiography, “Amen”, published by DC Books, is a revelation of the sexual exploitation of the vulnerable women in the possession of the Catholic Church.

The publication of this book came close on the heels of an allegation by a nun in her 60s, from the Congregation of Daughters of Mary Convent in Anchal, accusing the Church of forced abortions of young nuns in the convent. According to her nephew, the nun is still being kept in a Church-owned mental hospital near Thodupuzha. Some nuns in Njarakal near Kochi openly rebelled against the Church in February 2009 for trying to move them forcibly from the convent where they have been living for years.

Acting on complaints received by it, the Kerala State Women’s Commission submitted a recommendation to the government last year to stipulate the minimum age for joining nunnery at 18 years. The Church raised a furore, typically making a mockery of the Commission, and the government back-pedalled without further notice, probably due to the imminent national elections.

The Women’s Commission also could not act with any direction on the complaint of the nun (from the Daughters of Mary Convent in Anchal) forced into the mental asylum, even though its Chairperson had gone to meet her. There seems to be nothing the Kerala citizens can do, because these nuns are the possession of the richest private organisation in India and the world.

What does the Kerala Catholic laity say about the hardships of nuns? Nothing! They keep mum, so that they are blessed and buried in the right hole in the cemetery when they die! A brief survey conducted by this writer in Kerala among the Catholic community in Kochi showed that about 80% believe they will go to hell if they are not buried by weirdoes. All are worried about what their neighbours talk and leave everything, including dispensation of justice, to god. A small percentage believes that accusations against clergymen and Church are the workings of Satan.

Straight from whose heart?

Whitewashing the accumulating dirt in the house has become an increasingly regular, but difficult, task for the Catholic Church. This time the attempt was quick, but not very effective. The stains show miserably. Kerala’s grand old extremist, who two years ago exhorted the Kerala Catholic laity to reproduce like rats to combat the rising Muslim population, and who is now President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, released a book, “Straight from the Heart”.

“Straight from the Vatican’s Heart” would have been more appropriate for its content. The 82-year-old Cardinal Mar Varkey Vithayathil rues over the state of Catholic nuns and says they are compelled to do menial jobs for priests, but keeps mum on sexual exploitation. According to The Times of India, 17 March 2009, he writes, “I would say to a great extent our nuns are not emancipated women. They are often kept under submission by the fear of revenge by priests. That’s how the priests get away with whatever humiliation they heap upon them. It is a pitiable situation from which somebody has to liberate them.”

In an autocracy, in which he is a senior and top regional official, what has he done so far to reverse this situation? He also doesn’t mention that Kerala Church is an exporter of menial female labour for European convents and Church institutions, and that their pay packets are entirely confiscated by the Church.

It is very clear that Vithayathil’s mention of the pathetic nuns in his book is a last-minute knee-jerk response to Jesme’s “Amen”, hurriedly appended to a finished book intended for something else – to meddle in electoral politics to garner votes for UDF candidates.

The Church’s open call to vote against the Marxists is especially aimed at subverting secular reforms, which are very much needed in the state. It is evinced by the Cardinal’s tirade against the recommendations of the Kerala Law Reforms Commission, which advocated hundred percent secular reforms in religious institutions.

Indigestible reforms

One recommendation, which is a particularly indigestible bit of meat in the Catholic stomach, pertains to the handover of Church properties to Christian trusts consisting of ordinary lay people. In a press statement (17 March 2009), the Chairman of the Commission, V.R. Krishna Iyer, said this recommendation was based on “representations made by sincere Christians” and that leading thinkers like Justice K.T. Thomas and Dr. K.V. Pylee, former Vice Chancellor of Cochin University, fully supported the Commission’s recommendations.

The bills, if made into laws, will take away Vatican’s control over Church properties in Kerala and discourage Catholics from mindless reproduction. “Canonical papal control over Church properties in Kerala will be a new imperialism repugnant to the secular character and sovereign authority of ‘we the people of India’,” said Mr. Iyer, while asking the Church to withdraw a pastoral letter circulating in churches and chapels all over Kerala that trashed the Commission’s recommendations. Mr. Iyer added, “The vast properties of the Church in the State were the product of parishioners’ contributions and naturally the management of the estate must have democratic dimensions giving a voice to the Christian parishioners.”

Vithayathil’s book takes Catholic hypocrisy to a pinnacle. He literally grinds his teeth when speaking of Marxists, whom he refers to as “atheists,” and loses control over logic: “Where is the logic of democracy if they are convinced atheists? …Democracy is based on respect for the individual and the rule ‘of the people, by the people, for the people.’”

The Catholic Church is the most undemocratic organisation in India or elsewhere, but Vithayathil is following the footsteps of his chief Ratzinger, who invariably combines insipid erudition with stupid logic, a kind of language to fool his dim half-wit sheep. But the Cardinal has a good word for the BJP for their – guess what – “promoting certain moral values for which they would opt for stricter media censorship.” He tries to woo Hindus in the traditional Christian esoteric language that can be deciphered only by those who have seen the proverbial “underbelly of the beast.”

He writes tongue-in-cheek, “Catholics of the country also regard Indian culture, philosophy, literature and science as their heritage. The Catholic Church will certainly protect them just as it has responsibly protected and preserved Greek and Roman cultures.”

What these words mean is that Catholics have a claim on Indian tradition and will protect it in Vatican-franchised museums, just like they had reduced (“protected and preserved”) ancient Greek and Roman cultures. In reality, it was the Arabs who redeemed the leftovers of the Greek and Roman traditions from the obnoxious padres who did their best to destroy them. Are there still takers for this grotesque faith?

The author previously wrote under the name George Thundiparambil; he is the author of Maya, a novel on Kerala’s turbulent past