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Where are the Pink Chaddis?

More than a week since the rioting in Shimoga and Hubli by Islamic terrorists opposing Taslima Nasreen and not a pip squeak from the pink chaddis who ostensibly stand for women’s rights, nor from the likes of Shabana Azmi and Renuka Choudhary.  Of course they loudly and aggressively go after the Ram Sene types because they know that the cost involved is nearly nil and they will be supported by Congress goons themselves. There is also a more serious issue with the Taslima Nasreen case  and that’s of the freedom of press but I don’t see any heated debates about danger to the country’s values, the kind that was there when the Shree Ram Sene roughed up some women in a Mangalore pub.  A case of what is good for the goose not good for the gander ehh?