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Karan Thapar’s breakthrough: Law of Assumption

May 1, 2009 2 comments

While Newton may have given the world the fundamental laws of motion, Karan “Sudden removal of Modi” Thapar is finally on his way to codifying the laws of the anti-national pseudo-liberal English media. In an interview with Arun Shourie, self appointed Congress party/Gandhi family  spokeperson Thapar gave the world the “Law of Assumption”.  Based purely on this law, Karan Thapar makes the startling claim that the bulk of Indians money in Swiss banks is actually legal. The fundamental basis of the “law of assumption” is that the BJP is always wrong and the pseudosecular intelligentsia is free to cook up arguments based on whimsical notions which are mostly in lockstep with the Congress party/Gandhi family’s ideals. While all available indicators point towards Indians being among the largest hoarders of illegal money, Karan Thapar seems quite amazed that this may be actually true.