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Barkha Dutt reveals iron fist…threatens to sue blogger

February 14, 2009 3 comments

The Congress party and the media are a fascist combo in India. Both dislike dissent and debate, and quell it with brutal force if needed…some liberals these. But apparently the internet has opened up an “unregulated” (read through on what “regulated” means in Barkha’s world) alternate source of opinion that makes the media-Congress complex squirm. So good old fashioned Stalinism is the order of the day.

A lone blogger questions Barkha Dutt/NDTV’s shrill coverage of 26/11 and gets threatened to be sued and subsequently apologizes. Supposedly Barkha has actually had a program called “Should Blogs be regulated“.  “Regulated” by the likes of Barkha simply means the convenient squelching of  debate. What they would really like is for the general public to digest their often  illogical, nonsensical and downright dangerous views unquestioningly. Too bad, the internet has changed all that…at least so long as India does not follow the Chinese model of freedom of expression or lack thereof, which may happen soon looking at whats going on currently.

Here’s another. Raju Narisetti former editor of the Mint was forced out for publishing an article critical of the UPA govt. Luckily for those who care for free speech, Raju stood by his statement resolutely and went on to become managing editor of the Washington Post.

During the 1977 emergency, the media was the first victim. If there is an emergency again (which I think is a strong possibility if the Congies lose the elections this time), the GOI will this time around order the opening of new media outlets like NehruDynastyTVwhich can do the propaganda on its behalf as it currently does. This is the same media of the Karan “Sudden Removal of Modi” Thapar fame….so no surprises there. This is the same media where a Vir Sanghvi openly advocates the secession of Kashmir and a Shekhar Gupta assures the Paki govt while visiting Pakistan, that the media will take care of the BJP in India. Wonder why the Hindus stand by and watch cluelessly when their sensibilities are brazenly assaulted day in and day out, by the treasonous likes of the English Media in India. But then organization has never been a strong point of the Hindus, so they simply get what they deserve.