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Rajdeep Sardesai tries to justify media’s selective obsession with Gujarat

November 13, 2007 9 comments

In a Hindustan Times editorial titled “Dr Modi and Mr. Hyde”, Hindu existentialist Rajdeep Sardesai starts off on the right note and notes that the Gujarat riots pale in comparison to the Sikh riots orchestrated by Congress hoodlums. But then he manages to rationalize the medias selective obsession with trashing Hindu issues and continues to bash the BJP, much as a scorpion is programmed to sting. Sardesai’s arguments begin to fall apart right at the beginning. Sardesai’s rational powers of logic seem to take a backseat when he concludes that Supreme Court’s random musings supposedly likening Modi to Nero are tantamount to indictments. No indictment has been delivered yet, and when the court that he holds up does deliver an indictment as in the conviction of terrorist Afzal Guru, this very paper’s Barkha Dutt angrily called the decision flawed. Cherry picking of even apex court decisions is the selective privilege of the English media you see.

Also Sardesai says that the omnipresent media and ever alert HR activists who seem to have sprung up post Y2K is responsible for the selective treatment that Modi gets. But somehow these same people seem to be missing when it comes to covering the plight of Kashmiri Hindus languishing in refugee camps right under Sardesais nose in Delhi right now or in covering the numerous Islam initiated riots like the one in Bengalooru when muslims went berserk protesting Saddam’s hanging and rampaged and rioted, or when in Tamil Nadu Dravida thugs trashed Hindu places of worship and molested Hindu priests, when somebody blackened Periyar’s statue which was opportunely installed outside a Hindu temple.

The real reason for the media obsession post Y2K is the emergence of the BJP as a potent valid alternative source of power and nothing else.